Sunday, January 23, 2011

Food photo theme continued

This time it was the seeds in the red pepper that caught my eye.

We were coming very close to running out of Red Pepper Jelly
so I put together a new batch this afternoon. Every time I make it I gets easier. Probably because I've learned from previous mistakes.

Only blip this time was buying liquid Certo ( pectin ) instead of the crystals that work best in this recipe. I must remember to read labels!

Having opened the box before realizing my error, I will keep it handy and when Spring/Summer arrives and fresh fruit becomes available I think I'll try my hand at making refrigerator jam using one of the recipes in the box.


Jayne said...

Wow, those are whopper seeds!
Our capsicums (peppers) seeds are usually quite tiny, what is the name of your hybrid/type of pepper?

Kathleen said...

Love the photo! Red Pepper Jelly sounds good!


Extreme close up Jayne. The ones I used yesterday were from Mexico. Long and thin, standard red peppers.

The Jelly really is easy K. If I can make it anyone can and it is delicious with chicken, pork and breaded fish.

Rootietoot said...

mmmm pepper jelly with cream cheese on wheat thins. YUM

Shellie - Layers of Thought said...

So is it spicy? I do have to agree with Rootietoot too! Yum. So is it spicy? or better yet do you like it spicy?

How is the new computer working? I bet your having a blast. :)