Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Green onion and ham

Paul thought the trimmings from dinner prep was rather picturesque so being a good wife *choke choke* I rushed and got my camera. I did a little playing around with the photo now that Stephen has installed Picasa on the new computer and I'm in a learn a new programme phase.

Top bright multicolour is a shawl I made using up partial left over balls of yarn and a pattern that started with 93 stitches and worked down to one. I made some rather interesting mistakes in the first few rows and discovered that if continued they looked like they belonged.

Right muted coloured shawl was my first attempt at anything other than a scarf and started with 3 stitches and worked up to what pleased me as a stopping spot. I tend to improvise.

Left is my first attempt at crocheting after many years. A simple scarf with a scalloped edge that appeared because I hadn't figured out turning properly. Added a nice touch though.

Sunday I shopped for more yarn and another hook, I love sales, so with my supplies increasing I dug out a nice soft green bag I'd stashed away and it works perfectly as a hold all/carry all.


Jayne said...

They look gorgeous, Elizabeth, well done :)

Kathleen said...

Good for you! I told myself I was going to give crochet a go again, didn't I? Well...not yet.
Love the food trimmings photo! My hubby plays a lot with Picasa. His photos are mostly taken with his game cameras (cameras mounted to trees in his hunting area that are motion sensitive) tho. Lots of deer and elk.

Anonymous said...

Go the improvisation! Love how you turn "mistakes" into part of the pattern! And they look lovely too!