Friday, January 7, 2011

Girls day out

Emily, Beth -Anne, Catherine, Barbara

Monday was Girls Day Out before my two nieces headed back west. C. is their mother, B. our sister. We wandered the few open shops on Locke St. and after failing to find any seats at the Starbucks ended up at the West Town Bar and Grill for our coffee and snack.

Dentist yesterday morning, tooth all fixed and then to see Tron at the theatre with Paul and Stephen. It's one of those movies that needs to be seen on the big screen. We all enjoyed it although I did find it rather loud. Ears were still ringing when I got home.

Our last VCR has finally broken down and after discovering there is nothing out there as a replacement it looks like repair or do without. Paul really relied on it during Formula 1 season and it's going to be hard to decide between programmes I like when they overlap. With this new computer I will be able to access some of the shows but I'm hoping he gets the machine up and running and then decides which way he wants to go with newer technology.

I haven't stored away my crochet hook yet having successfully finished the shawl/shrug project and having used the remaining yarn for a scarf I gave to Beth-Anne ( she had admired my colour choice ). The biggest challenge now is finding something simple enough for me to make. I did find a website with beginner patterns and online tutorials that I will watch and watch until things make sense. I really am a visual learner.


Kathleen said...

Since our TV cable company made a DVR box available to their customers, we are in 7th heaven. Recording programs with a touch of a button, pausing live action, "rewinding" it...I don't think I'd want to be without it. TIVO is the same thing, I guess. Definitely something to consider!Your nieces from out west? Does one of them own the apartment you stayed in when you visited BC? Hope you had a wonderful visit!


Yes, in Victoria. They live within a block of each other and I'd love it if my sister Catherine and I could go out and spend "girl" time together with them. I'd even happily go alone but Paul hates to miss out on things and might try and crawl into my luggage.*grin* I enjoy the chance to be surrounded by females living day to day with 2 men.

The one VCR is working now with a new remote. P. will keep it going now as look as possible although he is looking at DVRs but finding one that will record on one channel while we are watching another seems to be tricky. There is also the cost, frugal hubby has to think long and hard about spending money.

The advantage I have is that most of what I want either comes back in rerun or S. can find me a computer site to view or download. Our library also has a good DVD collection so most British and PBS programmes are available eventually.

Kathleen said...

I've never had to shop for a came with our Comcast cable service. And it does record one station while watching another. You can even watch a recorded program while it records TWO others, so we're loving it. I think we pay $15 a month for this DVR box, which adds up to be a lot in the long run, but I guess you can deal with it on a monthly basis.
I hope you do get out to Victoria for some "girl"'s the best!