Sunday, December 26, 2010

Christmas 2010

Minimal but it suits me fine.


Lots of smiles as gifts are opened.

Certainly a much better 25th this year. In some ways it's hard to believe that it was a year ago that Paul had his accident and that Christmas was far from cheerful. He still has to watch overdoing things with his back and he still has to take daily anti-seizure medication and he has to remember that not only did he injure himself but that he is also getting older and it's OK to take a bit longer getting things done.

We cooked the turkey on the 24th this year instead of spending the afternoon and evening at the hospital and we tucked in to wait for Santa with smiles on our faces thankful that it hadn't been worse.

My sister Barbara and Paul's sister Ruth joined me, Paul and Stephen for dinner. We ate and we ate and then we ate a little more and still there are leftovers. Add the cookies to the chocolate and the munchies that seem to have multiplied when we weren't looking and we'll be stuffing ourselves for days. Good thing I can go back to the gym tomorrow and start working some of it off.

I got 2 surprises this year. First a Koala bear and baby to mount in my tree sent by my dear Australian friend Bats who manages to still surprise me after many years of unusual and memorable gifts. You are crazy and I love you for it Bats.

Second surprise -- a new laptop computer from Stephen that should arrive on the 31st. Nice that I have my own on site computer expert to transfer over files, set everything up and teach me how to use the newer programmes and I'm going to enjoy a bigger screen and the faster speed.

So today as I start to put away the good china, attempt to bring some order back to my living room and plan a "how best to use leftovers dinner" I'm smiling thanks to a very good Christmas.


Jayne said...

So good to hear you didn't repeat last years Chrissy, not a nice tradition to take up.
Hard to believe it's been 12 months already! But thank goodness Paul is fighting fit and looking so well again :)
We're trying to use up prawns...I'll swap you some for your turkey lol.


You're on Jayne.

Kathleen said...

Merry Christmas, E! Glad to know this one was much better than last. Happy that Paul is doing well.


Merry Christmas Kathleen.