Saturday, December 18, 2010

Not really missing

.....just too lazy to post.

I've made several other soups and they've turned out well and will be more to my taste with a few easy adjustments.

I've got the Christmas turkey in the freezer.

I've got lots of wine.

I finished shopping early and have started wrapping.

The table top greenery, lights and decorations went up yesterday along with the ornament tree.

I have the everyday Christmas cloth on the dining room table, the festive salt and pepper shakers out and the Xmas burner plate covers on the stove top.

There is enough food, crackers and fancy cheese in the house to ensure we eat well and the only things I need to buy are the fresh vegetables for Christmas dinner, which will be right on the 25th for a change.

Paul and I have had our yearly physicals and passed although I did need a minor change in my cholesterol medication and we've added a daily dash of extra Vitamin D.

Stephen is back home full time having just gone through a pleasant and friendly breakup with his girlfriend. Their life styles were just too different to keep them together as more than friends and they chat and get together often. Seems my idea of relationships must be very old school.

I pulled out my knitting needles and crochet hooks and after fumbling around with some old yarn have decided I can do easy crochet work but knitting is still beyond me.

I've made a scarf and ear muff like headband so far and have pretty yarn, a new large hook and an easy pattern to make a shoulder shawl.

All is well at this point in my world.

(photo is of the Norfolk Island Pine I bought so I'd have some real greenery this Christmas)

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Jayne said...

Oooo, Norfolk Island Pine, you got a little bit of Oz in your home :)
Sailors used to love them cos they grew so tall and straight they were ideal for masts.
Nice for you to have Stephen home again :)