Friday, October 24, 2008


How many women wait til they are 62 to make jelly for the first time ? Count me in!

When we were in Victoria we had dinner at the home of Paul's cousin and wife. She served a lovely jelly with the chicken main dish and after I got home I decided I'd like to have some on hand. I truly expected a brand name product I could buy at any grocery store, but instead received a recipe. Oh well!

When I told Margaret at exercise class about it she asked for the recipe and very nicely gifted me with a jar when it was done.

Seeing as she wasn't going to keep me supplied and knowing I could use her as a helpline, I bravely set out to make my own.

I bought the red peppers

I cleaned and chopped. I measured carefully. I followed the recipe along with Margaret's helpful hints and................

I have 3 jars of my own, that I made. I'm impressed with me, very impressed.

Red Pepper Relish is:

2 cups red peppers
¾ cup white vinegar
1 box Certo crystals

Stir the above until boiling.

Add 3 cups white sugar and boil hard for 1-2 minutes (stirring) until it comes to a full rolling boil.

Put in sterilized jars and seal. You do not have to process. Can double recipe.

I used 3 peppers to make up the 2 cups. I had bought 7 ,the store had a good sale and I had no idea how many I would need, and will chop and freeze enough to make a second batch later. I think if I throw them in the pot still frozen it might work. Worth a try.


Jayne said...

Just Googled Certo crystals, tis all good as we have pectin floating around under different names here in Oz.
Love the recipe, looks and sounds easy but very yummy - might have a go ;)

Kathleen said...

Oh...that looks good. I might have to try that recipe too. My hubby won't have anything to do with ANY kind of pepper...but that means more for me!


I didn't even know this was made with peppers til I got the recipe.

I've used it with chicken, fish and ham so far and intend to taste test my own jar on pork roast today.

jeanie said...

Oh I am glad Jayne has done the research for me!