Sunday, October 26, 2008

Just a little behind

A rainy Sunday afternoon is the perfect time to update the photo album. I now have Easter of 1981 to December 27 1981 in place.

Good thing I needed a visual of the car we took camping that August ( yet again Paul was right and I wasn't ) or I'd never have discovered the gap. Good thing at some point I was organized enough to store the pictures. I could fill another album with all the extras.

This is our album from 1970 - 1981

The two brown ones at the left .. 1982-1985, Stephen's first 3 years, I have enough of him to even bore a relative, the rest bring us up to date.
Since going digital I fill the pages much slower. I burn picture discs but still have prints make to cover birthdays, Christmas and a selection from our holidays.
A computer screen isn't quite as satisfying as sitting with a book on your lap, turning pages and sharing memories.

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Jayne said...

I'm starting to organise my photos instead of finding them shoved into drawers, behind books, etc ;)