Saturday, March 3, 2012


Windy.  Very windy.  It was hard to sleep last night thanks to the wind.  At least we didn't have to worry about branches coming down.

Playing with my crocheting again and I think I might just have cracked the granny square.  I have no idea why I found it so difficult but after working away and pulling out time and time again it finally made sense.  I will continue working at it til I feel I have it right.   

Went to the local Micheal's craft store for the open house to meet instructors only to discover that they will do knitting but not crochet.    Monday the library branch I am currently using  ( my fav. is being renovated ) has drop-in knit/crochet gatherings on Monday nights at 7pm starting next week.  I am told that there are usually some expects there so I will get an idea for a project and wander over.   

Made a spinach, shrimp clam quiche for dinner tonight.  Worked out extremely well seeing as I made it up as I went along.

Drained the clams and mixed with chopped already cooked shrimp.   Added lemon zest, garlic and black pepper.  Mixed well.

Spread thawed spinach on the uncooked shell, added the seafood, poured in the basic egg mix that I had flavoured with basil and oregano and topped with some grated old cheddar cheese.

Made up a horseradish, ketchup and lemon juice sauce to serve with the slices.

Stephen and Chawana were here last night and S. went through more STUFF.   Did some recycling and he even had some items for the Salvation Army donation box.  It will take time, he has A LOT OF STUFF, but he's working at it.

Hard to believe that he will turn 30 in two days.    He's still my baby even if he is taller than I am.
Love you son.


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