Thursday, March 15, 2012

Early early spring

It just feels wrong to be gardening in early/mid March.   I have done some garden clean up and the mess in the back yard continues to draw in 5 minute spurts but am holding back doing anything more.  The poppy seeds I brought home last year from Victoria BC need to be planted but sure as the sun rises we will get more snow and frost if I try putting them in now.

While outside today I took a look at the front garden to see how much things had grown in the last few days and spotted colour. 


Kathleen said...

We are still having snow flurries off and on in different parts of the state. Crazy. I worry that our blossoming trees are going to freeze their little buds off, and there won't be as many flowers. A brave crocus or two has poked through, and the primroses around the house bloom all year long,bless their hardy hearts!


Scary how much the weather can change from day to day. We've been up to almost 30C and the next day dropped to below freezing.

It will be interesting to see how the rest of spring and summer progress.