Saturday, February 18, 2012

Good bye tree





Paul's "cookies"
The maple in our backyard had provided years of shade and years of exercise raking. It had even help serve as a clothes line but had now outgrew our lot size.

It took all day, Feb. 15 to just take the tree down to the main trunk and to put all the small branches through the chipper.

Feb. 16 they returned in the morning to cut the trunk to ground level and haul away all the heavy wood. After lunch they returned with the machine to grind down the stump and to tidy up.   

Now I have a backyard to level, having a bucket truck on the lawn tends to leave ruts even in the semi-frozen grass.    I will have time before spring to think about adding new garden beds just expanding those I have and decide between seed or sod.   I know whatever I decide it will be easy to manage but ensure I still have my herbs and tomatoes.

Paul has rolled the extremely heavy "cookies' in the garage to dry with the idea of turning them into something.    ( no comment )


Rootietoot said...

Raised beds! With tomatoes and herbs! That's my vote, but it always would be.

Kathleen said...

I always hate to see a tree go, but sometimes it's necessary. I have to laugh at the "cookies." We've got some of those stored somewhere, too, I think. I live in fear that he's going to make a coffee table top out of them or something...and will I then have to display it?