Saturday, February 11, 2012

February already

Paul had a birthday.  He is now 69.   Hard to believe.  Wasn't it just yesterday we started dating?

I  am learning how to use my new Blackberry playbook. The sale on them was so good Stephen bought one for himself after advising me on the purchase.  He has loaded in a novel I had trouble finding at the library as well as a travel guide for Ireland as I am intending to take the gadget with me so I can have something techie with me seeing as my phone is so simple and old it won't work overseas and I hate the idea of being totally out of touch with home.    One day I might learn to download books and even music on my own.

We've arranged to have the silver maple in the back yard removed.   The roots are getting ever closer to the house and even though we have been advised they won't penetrate if the foundation is well sealed we made the decision to take it down.  No more small branches littering the lawn and our neighbours driveway ( where he parks his cars ) and garage roof.  No more raking up maple keys and leaves.  I will miss the shade but I can expand my tomato garden into the sunnier areas.   The weather was nice enough one day so all the plantings under the tree have now been moved.

I stopped taking my anti-inflammatory drugs the first of the month so I could give my system a rest and am coping well enough so far with the aches.   The doctor had suggested I use a pillow at night between my knees to keep my hips in line but I found it uncomfortable.  Without the pills I knew I would need something I used a rolled towel.  The pins holding it together were bothersome so I cut a sleeve off an old shirt, sewed the cut end up and can now feed the rolled towel inside.   It works so well I will pack it for travel and use hotel towels      I'll consult the doctor before we head to Ireland to see if I should restart the pills before we leave.  

Paul got to use his snow blower for the first a time today.   It wasn't a really heavy fall but he's been chomping at the bit to at least use it once before spring.  Hopefully he hasn't stirred up the snow gods who will give him more and more and more.


Kathleen said...

First...happy birthday to Paul! Where do the years go?? Aaargghh.
I have no idea what a Blackberry playbook is, I am so "un-techie." We keep seeing tv ads for all these phones that do all these things, and last night M was saying, maybe we should get one of might be fun. I can just see us blundering through the world of apps and such. I'm not sure I could get one without choking on the price. We'll see!
The arthritis in my hands is getting so bad I'm thinking of taking something for it...but I don't really want to. It's really making daily activities troublesome, and of course, quilting. There are so many (bad) side effects, I hesitate.


Like an ipad Kathleen. My cell phone is rudimentary and will stay that way. I like having it while driving and it's a good way to stay in touch with our son who only uses a cell phone .. we text now that I know how. *laugh*
I wouldn't have bothered except it was a really really good sale and I can download books, email and stay in touch will travelling and I will admit now that I am getting used to the smaller keyboard that it is faster to use for quick computer checks vs my getting out my laptop.

Thankfully I have a tech son who is patient enough, most times I ask, to help me.

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