Wednesday, December 7, 2011

A little bit more each day

A few more decorations are out.  I'm actually enjoying the colour appearing here and there around the house.  At this rate I'll have the table greenery out and the lights and decorations done earlier than ever before. 

My friend Margaret found the brand of crackers I had been looking for and picked me up a box so that's ticked off the list.

With a little buy, return and shop again I managed to get 8 silver/grey place mats to put on the table over my red Christmas table cloth.  and I got them on sale

All the gifts have been purchased and tucked away, except something for Paul.  Yes he got the snow blower and yes he got the fancy new winter coat but they don't really count come Christmas morning.    I  stuff stockings now so most of the gifts tend to be small so I'm thinking the year end issue of the Formula 1 magazine he won't buy himself and a bottle of Bushmills.

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