Sunday, December 11, 2011

Counting down

The advent doll has settled in nicely
Quince fruit paste served with warm brie
along with a winter stout.

I continue decorating.  This year I bought some new LED lights and they are no easier to place than the older lights.  Did I really think they would be?  No, but it would have been nice seeing as I fuss and bother and still am never happy with the way I place them.   Adding ornaments will help.

The Christmas cards are done and the last batch will go into the mailbox today. 

I served the Quince with brie last night with dinner and opened the bottle of winter stout I had purchases a week or so back. I like trying beer in fancy bottles.  It was dark and thick and  very tasty.

Jayne...the quince was sweet and mild.  Not able to really describe the flavour but it was wonderful with the warm brie.    It is imported from New Zealand.   The beer is almost local.



Kathleen said...

Double chocolate cranberry that sounds like something I could wrap my hand around! Yum. Quince paste? I don't think I'll find that here, but do love a good melted brie with cranberry, nuts, and jam. HO HO HO indeed!

Shellie - Layers of Thought said...

Yes I agree - Ho Ho Ho Yum - indeed!