Saturday, December 17, 2011

Look what I made

I bought a new winter coat this year, it didn't match my winter hat.   I looked in  stores and I wasn't happy with what was available and certainly not with the prices.  Being frugal does have disadvantages.

Seeing as I have a bag of yarn and all kinds of crochet hooks I decided to make my own.  I checked some online sites for patterns and found a simple fool proof one I figured I could manage.

You might not notice but I did bungle it a little.  The ridges aren't suppose to be there.  I did - hook through the front of the stitch rather than the back when I picked the worked up after a break.   When I realized what I'd done I went back to my original stitch and did a few rows to see how it would look. Looked good to me so I left it rather than pull out all the work already done.   Other than not following instructions well I also lean towards fast and lazy.   Fumbling alone and a willingness to try does have advantages.


Kathleen said...

Love it! Good for you. I have minimal crochet skills, but often think I should work at it more...hand work in front of the TV. I've done lots of afghans but that's it.

Rootietoot said...

hey, that's cute and I like the ridges!