Saturday, December 3, 2011

December is a reality

By the third day I guess I can't ignore the fact that a new month has started.

To be honest I am getting ready for Christmas.  My advent doll is out and counting down the days.  I have my Christmas CDs out but won't be playing them just yet.   I've tucked some red and green decorations out and about to start getting some colour and I have my stacking wooden Santa  gracing the ledge in hallway.

With the decision made that Christmas was more about the getting together than gifting it's been easy , just taking time to pick up a few favourite small goodies.  Most of my shopping is done.

I do have to track down some nice Christmas crackers even thought I've been told that they really aren't a necessity.  WHAT!   It's not a sit down family meal without paper hats, bad jokes and somewhat dubious prizes.     I also have to finalize a date for dinner and a menu.   Still tossing around the idea of turkey/no turkey.  Whole turkey/breast and legs only.    *sigh*  

At least the weather is still mild for this time of year.  We've had one morning of wet slushy snow but it disappeared quickly and didn't even require the putting on of boots.   


Jayne said...

I can't believe how quickly it's crept up on us, I haven't even started posting Chrissy cards yet!

Kathleen said...

By Christmas crackers you mean the little popper things, right? It's not a tradition here in the US, so I've never had them...but I have seen them in the stores.


Quite right K.

I put one at every place and they act as decoration as well as a bit of fun. The ones I buy are from England, are about 8-10 inches long and are very decorative. I'll try and remember to take photos for you.