Thursday, November 10, 2011

The shopping continues

Saw an ad on Tuesday for 50% off the red ticket items I had purchased on Monday.  I checked the back of my bill and discovered that they have  a 14 day price adjustment policy.   Naturally I went back to the store.  They very kindly pointed out the "on new items" only policy and I just as politely pointed out the "and on sale items" on the back of my bill.
Turns out my receipt had been printed on an old roll that should have been pulled and destroyed.  They did honour the wording and I got a close to $14.00 refund.    They did remove the offending roll and dug under the counter and found more that promptly went into the garbage.

Being on a roll I headed out again yesterday having noticed  the store where I got my fall coat ( on sale ) was having a sale on some winter jackets.   Bought one.  Perfect for the car/grocery/mall.   Seeing as I had a voucher for a shoe store I wandered in there as well and yes, the sale shoes fit so I now own a new pair of blue suede casual shoes. 

Next stop the ladies wear at the department store.  Brought home a pair of plaid .. I feel 18 again .. trousers that I may or may not keep.  Not on sale, no pockets and totally unlike anything I usually wear but I do have several tops that work with them.   I'll ponder.

Last stop was the grocery store where I picked a pound of lovely fresh Atlantic Salmon ( on sale ) and some asparagus from Peru ( on sale ) for supper but was disappointed not to find the Quince fruit paste they had advertised.  I have a nice brie waiting to bake with the quince on top.    

At one time there were quince orchards in our area but after they were hit by blight farmers went to the more profitable crops of grapes ( wine ) and peaches.  I don't think I have ever had quince but I am eager to try.

Perhaps the stock will be in by the weekend.

Big night out tonight. While researching possible dinner spots for our anniversary I saw THIS  and decided it sounded interesting so went ahead and booked.   I'll fill you in when I recover. 


Jayne said...

I've yet to try either a quince or quince paste but my father used to rave about how nice they were (after they were cooked for hours) and I've heard others proclaim quince paste to be delish.
Let us know what you think when you get hold of some!

Rootietoot said...

Quince tastes like fruit to me, just generic Fruit. The food thing looks AMAZING, and like something you must drink red wine at, so your arteries won't instantly clog and you fall over dead as they serve the last course. please write about it!