Saturday, November 12, 2011

Dinner out

Cider Poached Scallop Brulee, roasted butternut squash and lime parvee, shallow fried leek hearts.  Riesling 2008
 The roasted squash was thick and sweet on a pastry square, almost dessert pie like. The lime was very subtle but you could taste it.  The scallop was perfect, crisp outside but tender and sweet inside. 

Caramel Corn Crusted Chicken leg, charred corn slaw, manuka honey-garlic sauce. Pinot Gris 2010  

 Crisp outside, tender inside, we both picked up the bone and picked it clean, slaw was ok, the dipping sauce first rate.   The Pinot Gris was almost pink thanks to the use of the grape skins in the processing.  

Smoked bacon fat confrit of black cod, grilled mango salsa, vanilla dried carrot.  Reserve Chardonnay 2008
My least favourite portion of the meal.  The salsa was tasty but the fish was cold and the bacon taste stronger than necessary.  The carrot slice was crispy almost chip like.  The Chardonnay had an oak smell, first sip was not harsh like some I've had. 

Pepper Crusted Bison Striploin, strawberry relish ,arugula with almond vinaigrette, sea salt roasted almonds. Syrah 2008
Lots of stawberries
The bison was very tender without any gamey taste.  The strawberries were sweet against the pepper crust.  Ate all the arugula but left most of the almond brittle.   The wine tasted acid-y to me. I've had nicer.

Braised Lamb neck and dried cherry raviolo, smoked portobello mushroom tartar, pickled asparagus with roasted red pepper salad.  Cabernet Sauvignon 2007 

Tender shredded meat sandwiched between crisp - not pastry/not cracker  with a good serving of mushroom underneath.
This was excellent.  The crisp top and bottom were unexpected, I had been thinking soft ravioli. ( was the menu a typo? ) By the last bite I was stuffed.    The wine was better than the syrah but again not a taste favourite.

Paul enjoying the bison course.
We arrived by 7pm.  The first wine was served at 7:30. The owner of the winery gave us the background of each wine as it was served and the chef explained each course and what flavours in the wine had inspired it.    I was too busy eating and drinking to take notes and I will admit to not picking up the nuances of flavours in wines.     The amount of food was staggering and  they were generous with the wine.   

We finished and headed home at 10:30. 

In March they are doing it again this time featuring Charles Smith wines from Walla Walla Washington.   Will we go?   Not sure.  It was almost too much food and too much wine.   I will admit to spending most of Friday recovering.


Kathleen said...

Wow. That's my idea of a perfect dinner out! Wines from Walla Walla, eh? I must say...I'm not familiar with any, tho I know they have a lot of wineries there and are quite popular. I think you should diet for a few days beforehand, and definitely go!

Jayne said...

Woohoo, what a huge amount of food, that's enough to feed a family for a week!
Great selection, pity about the fish being cold but it looks like a lovely presentation and mix of foods :)

Kathleen said...

Where were you? What winery were these wines from?


In the previous blog near the end is the link to the restaurant menu. The winery is called Organized Crime.
It is small and local. We are within easy driving distance of the Niagara wine area. Lots of places to tour and have samples. Think I'm past that stage now. It took me 2 days to recover from our night out.

At one time it was all fruit and veg. but now mostly vines and peaches.