Monday, November 7, 2011

New week

Perfect weather for fall gardening this weekend.   That means raking leaves in case you are wondering.   I did move my Russian Sage and my lavenders.  I have a purple and a white.  One now lives in the front garden with the sage and the other has breathing room out back.  Come spring I'll discover which one is where.

My arthritis has settled down.  Probably the pills. As much as I hate being on any extra medication it's worth it for a good nights rest.     I continue to modify what I do in class at the gym and some times find it better to just head out after the warm up and use the treadmill. 

Wanted to look at coats on sale today only to discover the store I visited is a B in the chain so a smaller stock -- no coats.   I did alright though.  Found two tops on sale after already being marked down and a blouse on sale that fit well and suited my price range.

Paul is out with Stephen tonight sorting out a closet at the apartment.  Father teaching son home maintenance.  I rather enjoy the whole idea.   S. was here earlier going through boxes and drawers and he actually took stuff with him when he left.  He spent some time going through his Transformer collection with a view to sell at a game/collectible shop.   He figures at this rate he'll have all his stuff out in 2 years.  I think I'll be lucky if it's in 5.


Jayne said...

Good to hear your arthritis is behaving itself :)
What is a B store, please?

Jayne said...

Oh, and the Transformers stuff is worth a motza!


Less than an A store. Smaller space, less merchandise -- just the top selling items. First time I'd hear of it too. Smaller yet stores are C. Everything gets a label.

Would have been worth more if he'd done something ( like he intended ) when the movies first started. There is a store here he's taken stuff before and feels they give a fair price. 5 boxes of Hot Wheels will be going as well. No great collector items but good condition from the 80-early 90s...after Paul goes through them to see if there are any he wants to keep.*sigh*

Sold his old commadore computer and games for $100.00 Guess it helps that he kept boxes for it.

It was good to hear him say that after being in the apartment he has come to realize he needs LESS stuff. I think Chawana has laid down the law. No toy collections but by all means bring books. *laugh*

Kathleen said...

I'm waiting on plantings to die down so I can divide and conquer! I have hostas and helebores that are way out of control. And there's a camelia bush that needs to live somewhere else, too. I have major plans to crack the whip this winter and get some yard and landscaping I don't have to be so totally embarrassed by our yard come spring!
What meds are you taking for your arthritis? Since my carpal tunnel/trigger finger surgery two months ago, my hand has been so stiff and painful. They tell me it's cuz I have arthritis. Well, yes...but it never hurt before this! I don't think I'd repeat the surgery if given the chance.


I'm on a generic .. diclofenac Volteran is the brand name. I have started using the non prescription volteran cream when the nagging gets a bit annoying and find it helps.
Can't take ASA aspirin with it so I am using an acetaminophen when needed instead.
Aleve is suppose to work well but it is not a prescription and I get coverage for the diclofenac so it helps keep the cost down.

The doctor wants me to stay on the drug for 3 months and then see how I do without it.