Monday, October 10, 2011

Oct 7 - Oct 10

Perfect almost summer-like temperatures and clear skies for Thanksgiving and our anniversary weekend.  On Friday we headed out to Ball's Falls Conservation area for the annual craft show.  We went for the historic buildings and scenery as well as the chance to see what might be tempting to buy. Good quality crafts and interesting food samples but we didn't buy anything other than lunch.  

Out building and one of the many harvest displays.

Automatic washing machine .. driven by a small  engine.

1911 Military Band Organ

the works

Side of the mill, the front is currently under renovation.

They still mill flour and it is for sale $3.00 a bag

The falls.  At the base we could see salmon spawning in the shallow rocky stream.


The Ball family home is open to tour.  I liked these birds ( pheasants? ) staring down at the dining room table and the muted wall paper.

Interesting linoleum pattern in the kitchen and pantry.

After getting lost but happily stumbling on a winery where I purchased Cranberry fruit wine, we finally found Jordon and had coffee on the patio and then dinner inside at  Inn OnTthe Twenty.  

Photo doesn't do justice to my dessert.  Lemon tart with blackberries and blackberry sorbet.

Saturday Paul cut the grass, I did some laundry and hung it outside to dry and made a quick grocery visit for brussel sprouts (I never serve turkey without them) and whipped cream.

Sunday was turkey dinner at our place with my sister Barbara, Stephen and Chawana.

Monday our actual anniversary and we have been doing small chores around the-.   Paul is currently outside watering the grass seed he put down on the front lawn and as soon as I post this I'm going to join him outside to enjoy this weather.    Sunny  28C. 


Jayne said...

Thanks for the tour, those birds look perfect above a dining table.
The pattern in the lino looks Art Deco?
Yum on the lemon tart :)


Thought so too Jayne. Imagine how smart it must have looked new.