Tuesday, October 4, 2011

It's catch up with Elizabeth time

Learned how to make Pavlova from the girl next door.  She's originally from Perth Australia.  Sept. 16th 

Paul decide if I could take photos of food he could too.  His self packed picnic in the park.  Sept. 18th

British Car Day in Bronte Park.   I like the reflections. Paul liked the cars.  Sept. 18th

On the landing, sun coming in the side window.  I like the shadow on the wall.  Sept. 24th.


I've been on a cleaning and recycling rampage.    The Salvation Army has benefited.  I've sold some items on Kijiji and I've put out my max garbage allowance several weeks running.     I feel so much lighter now.

Today I went through multiple boxes and have sorted and repacked, in new rubbermaid bins - there was a 2 for one sale - certificates, school stuff, family photos, cards etc. Each new one now labelled and ready for a final sort.    I found out after Paul made his feelings known that I need to let each person decide what to keep and what to toss.    I apparently have the boys a little scared with my  level of purging.

It's our 41st anniversary this weekend as well as the Canadian Thanksgiving.  After days of wet weather we are now having sunny skies and warmer temperatures and it promises to stay this way so we can enjoy my favourite time of year ... Autumn. 


Jayne said...

Happy Anniversary, Elizabeth and Paul, may you enjoy and frolic through the next 41 together ;)

Yay on learning to make pav, it's addictive and a must for an anniversary dinner (covered in whipped cream, strawberries and passionfruit) ;)

Kathleen said...

Welcome back! And happy anniversary! 41 years is real reason to celebrate. May you enjoy many more together!
Pavlova....I have friends in Australia, and they make this all the time. Must be quite popular there. I've never had it. It's a meringue, right?


Keep checking your blog for new info Kathleen. If meringue is just egg whites and sugar than yes! I liked how she made them in individual sizes and picked up a few tricks. She wiped down everything she was using with vinegar so as not to contaminate the egg whites and took her time adding the sugar. Someday I just might try and make my own.

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