Friday, May 13, 2011

Return of the missing

front garden

Squirrel proofing

Water drops in the sedum


I know I posted these pictures just after Mother's Day but they seems to have wander off into the abyss taking whatever witty comments I might have made  along with them.

Bet I went to fix something and forgot to publish.    Must be the weather, can't have anything to do with age.  I am not ready to admit to senior moments quite yet.

It wasn't me after all, it was Blogger.    Is it telling that I don't think beyond my own fingers and brain?   


Kathleen said...

Maybe that's what happened to all the posts I've been writing! LOL!!


I thought Big Foot had found a way to block your computer.

It's been months!

Hope you are doing all the right things to insure good weather on the west coast for my visit in June. Sacrifice something to the weather gods.

Kathleen said...

Oh goodness, E...I'm not sure a sacrifice would be enough. Our weather has been MISERABLE. We had a huge family gathering in the rain yesterday, under big tarps in the back yard. It was cold too..about 50. I'll be praying it gets it out of it's system before your visit!

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