Thursday, May 19, 2011

During a lull in the rain

Bleeding Heart. 

Primroses are happy with the cool wet weather

Hostas, Solomon's Seal, sedum and ground cover  under my back maple tree.

The rain has been a bother but I can't complain at how it has greened up my garden.  Everything is growing and lasting well thanks to the cool temperatures.   The weatherman says we might have a nice sunny day on Saturday.   Several days in a row would be nice.  We are coming up to the first official long weekend of Summer 2011.

I decided to throw myself a Birthday party.  Today I reserved a table for six - sister Catherine and Eric, sister Barbara, son Stephen, me and Paul   at La Spaghett  and have told Paul I would like cake and wine back here at the house after dinner.    Having family celebrating with me will be all the gift I need.


Kathleen said...

When is your special day? Happy Birthday! Sounds like a wonderful time to me.
Your yard/gardens are looking lovely. Still holding out hope of some sun for your visit out west!


June 4 I turn 65. Leave on my holiday June 9.

Only twist is one of the nieces has been posted back here to Ontario to teach a course and will not be there.

I will be an official senior in the eyes of the government and will therefore be allowed some senior moments. Like putting my cell phone down in the drug store and forgetting to pick it back up. Thankfully I wanted to use it shortly afterwards, went back and found it right where I'd left it. :)

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