Monday, May 23, 2011

What I did on my long weekend

We went for a walk today between threatened rain storms so I could test out one pair of shoes that I thought might be worth packing for my holiday west.   They are not going with me.  Didn't take long to discover my older running shoes cause less stress on my hip and leg.  I think it's the type/material heel construction.    

Went to the mall Friday and got some good bargains on pants.   Two pairs of capris and one pair of dressy long pants.   Now I'll be wondering what to leave behind rather than worrying that I haven't enough to pack.

Had my hair cut on Sunday at a new salon.  The place I'd been going for years and years and years closed  and I had to find someplace new.   Like the results so far, I'll see how it grows in.    Costs the same and is only a little further away.

The sofa bed in the spare/computer room is already littered with "things to pack".  I  drop things there as I think of them.       My suitcase is looking smaller and smaller every day.  

Our long weekend is just winding down, it was a good one. Between the showers I planted some basil, a few more flowers,  tried to tame the fast growing clematis, did some weeding and found homes for most of the ornaments that I like to place about in the beds..  The garden is looking good.     

We had our first taste of local asparagus. We grilled it with some yellow zucchini and I was pleasantly surprised at how sweet both tasted.   Just a little olive oil and sea salt so the true flavours would shine.

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