Thursday, June 24, 2010

What's new with me

The rabbit didn't get the red lilies this year. I'm thrilled with the deep rich colour.

This is blooming at the same time. Some day I might remember what it is. This is a closeup of one of the flowers on a tall stock.

Thanks to all the rain we've been having the driveway repaving set for last week started this morning. They got the old asphalt removed and a new base down before it started raining, again! It will be completed when we have a dry day.


Fell off my bicycle on Sunday. I have a few bruises the bike is fine. I've come to realize that I have to make up my mind fast rather than dithering over the wisdom of tackling a steep grade. At least my dignity is intact, Paul was the only one who watch saw me fall. I apparently it was not graceful.

I'm on a quest for the perfect pair of travelling pants. They need to be lightweight to pack, comfy to wear while hiking, sitting on the bus and they have to have a little style so I don't look totally geeky in restaurants.
So far I fear that pants like this do not least for me.
I did try one pair with a very dropped waist but I'm a little past the droopy bottom fit.
It doesn't help that I have an aversion to paying over $40.00 and have a preference for clearance racks.


Rootietoot said...

Beautiful flowers! I think the white thing is a type of allium (kin to an onion) but I could be wrong.

Jayne said...

Love your flowers, their colour is magnificent :)
I took your Ontario badge on tour yesterday :)


RT couldn't find the tag. Guess it went when I purged the garage.

Jayne: Yea!

Kathleen said...

Lovely flowers! And hope your bruises are healing! Good for you for getting out and accepting a challenge tho. I smiled to see the photo of your driveway. My hubby works for the largest asphalt company in Washington...he's a "plant man" tho...not out on the job. Maintains the plant and equipment that make the asphalt.
I was going to suggest looking at Eddie Bauer for pants...but under $40 would be tough.


K: going with what I own having given up the search. It will leave an extra dollar or two for shopping while I'm away. *grin*

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