Sunday, June 27, 2010

Sunday drive

We went to Port Dover, a small summer town on the shore of Lake Erie, for a Corvette display. Paul spouted numerous facts and figures, I nodded my head and then admitted I wasn't really paying attention so he'd better not plan on quizzing me on the way home.

The striking yellow house with blue shutters is a crepe restaurant. They make them fresh on the outside patio in the summer months and we sat in the shade near boxes of flowers and herbs and had a delicious lunch. Lunch out is probably the only drawing card for me at car events.

This is Paul's favourite model. 1979

I rather like the style of the older models.

I like seeing the building photos that Jayne takes so this picture was taken with her in mind.
Our GreatSouthernLand .. Jayne hangs out here - I know, you like cars too!

photos by Paul, click to enlarge


Jayne said...

Love those cars, yep in agreement with you on the older models having more style ;)
That house is lovely :)

Kathleen said...

I tend to like the older ones too. My sis and her hubby had a 1979 Vette for a while. Got rid of it because the insurance premiums were ASTRONOMICAL. I never did get to ride in it....