Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Nothing could be better....

...then meeting Bev. and George, our favourite lunch partners, at the Troy Cafe for lunch.

The side garden is lush and colourful

the hollyhocks stunning.

The weather has been perfect for growing strawberries so the menu featured a number of special dishes. I started with a chilled strawberry and yogurt soup and followed it with a strawberry and cheese pizza. Even my drink stayed consistent ... strawberry lemonade.

Paul went straight for the main course - chicken, strawberry, orange, walnut salad - saving room for a raspberry cheesecake dessert.

Bev picked the chicken vegetable phyllo pillows and having started with cream of tomato soup was unable to clean her plate. We all found it hard not to nibble on the warm walnut bread.

George likes his beef and ordered his sandwich mushroom free. George hates mushrooms. He started with French onion soup that looked wonderful with long strings of cheese stretching out with each spoonful.

The restaurant is in the countryside halfway between our two cities so we were all treated to a lovely drive on a perfect weather day. After rain and high humidity we had woke to cooler temperatures, a fresh breeze and bright blue skies.


Jayne said...

Please pass me a napkin, I seem to have drooled on my keyboard ;P

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