Monday, June 14, 2010

Half way through June .. already!

I spy with my little eye an almost hidden doorway under the hosta in the garden bed. I could wish for silly little trolls or ethereal fairies but reality gave me ..........

a bunny who seems to think he's living in the middle of his own personal diner. So far the flowers aren't suffering but I have been out with cayenne pepper, not his favourite seasoning.

This little fellow plays havoc in my pots and today played a game of "if I don't look I can't see you " with Paul.

But life is good and I keep trying different flavours of beer. This cherry ale, from a local craft brewery, was mellow but will remain a treat. Even though the bottle provided us both with a good size serving my frugal heart finds it difficult to pay almost $5.00 for one bottle.

top three photos were taken by Paul who is getting better with his camera and is now learning to transfer his shots onto the computer


Kathleen said...

What a pretty garden spot! If I were a bunny, I'd live there too!

Rootietoot said...

this is the second time in as many day's I've heard of cherry beer. I think I am being spoken to and must try some.

Jayne said...

Great photos, well done, Paul!
Love the garden, yep, I'd move in, too lol.