Wednesday, June 9, 2010

A sad introduction

We've never seen any in the trees or around the house until this poor fellow/gal flew into our front window hitting with enough force to leave feathers on the glass. Paul found it dead in the garden and after a little searching we identified it as a Cedar Waxwing.

The feathers were incredibly soft and an interesting texture. Click on photo #2 for a closer look.

(just as I posted this Paul spied another one on the front window sill .. when he went for a closer look it flew into our maple tree )


Leenie said...

Although it is sad to see such beauty stilled, it is also fascinating to see something up close that is almost always moving to quickly to observe. Sorry about the little one. We've had them bang into our windows and leave feathers too.

Cedar waxwings have our place pegged as the cherry restaurant. They harvest our pie cherries along with the robins long before the fruit is ripe. It is not a cherry tree it is a bird feeder.

Jayne said...

How sad, hope the other one isn't a lonely mate waiting for it's return.
A beautiful bird indeed, Nature is a fine artist :)

Annah said...

Ay poor little baby :( You're still uber brave to pick it up with your bare hands though. That would give me the creepers!

Santiago IƱiguez said...

It's a pity!

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