Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Walking with camera

Down the stairs at the end of our street

along the trail..this segment heads west

passed fallen trees, with just a whisper of traffic noise filtering through

until reaching the roadway home along the top of the escarpment.

I took some photos for you...

Rock formation near the middle of the walk..note the large segments

a pretty weed

greenery looking healthy growing on the rock face

the spider wasn't home

notice how much smaller the rocks are near the top of the path

We hit the trail again, doing only a portion this time, with our cameras. Paul is playing with a new to him camera and IF he can figure out the all the settings before our holiday it will be the one he takes. I figure if you know where to find the auto setting , how to use the zoom and find the micro button, everything else can be left to chance. He's a read the whole manual kind of guy. *grin*

as always click to enlarge


Leenie said...

Great photos! Fun to see the geology and and botany of your area. Keep up the good work with the cameras.

Jayne said...

Oh, I love those photos, Elizabeth, thanks for taking us on your walk with you :)

traceelements said...

Great to get to go for a walk with you for a change, E !!!! Especially one like that just round the corner from your place!

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