Friday, May 14, 2010

In the garden

Finally today we had a return to sunshine and warmer temperatures so I went out to play in the garden. I started by planting one Early Girl and one Sweet Cherry in pots to see how they fare compared to those I will put in my garden plots. The shiny DVDs are an attempt to keep squirrels from digging and directing more sun onto the plant so I will have home grown tomatoes tomorrow. worth a try

Mary's little lamb keeping the clematis company

While digging around in the garage for my tomato cages I found my long lost sheep. In years past they spent the summer grazing on the grass, but were a real nuisance when mowing, so they have been demoted to garden beds. Baa Baa black sheep is with the lavenders and Russian sage .

I'm still patting myself on the back after figuring out that water gun sticks from the dollar store are the perfect posts (cheap yet bright) to help keep the electrical cord out of the garden when cutting around my mid lawn tomato patch.
I put the cages in to check for spacing but so far I've only planted marigolds. Do they really keep bugs away?

If the nice weather continues I'll be out tomorrow cutting the grass, trimming the hedge and checking to see how many more Iris have opened.


Jayne said...

Love the sheepie!
Good idea on the water gun sticks and marigolds with basil are supposed to give you bumper crops of 'matoes ;)

Leenie said...

You are right where we are in the gardening schedule. A few vegetable seeds will go in tomorrow and the geraniums are going to have to go outside before they take over the kitchen. Love your sheeps and let us know if the DVD'skeep the squirrels out and the sun in.

shishyboo said...

love your little lamb