Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Do I really look like that?

My renewed license arrived yesterday and it is obvious that I will NOT be doing anything to draw attention to my driving.

There is no way that photo is seeing the light of day now I've hidden it at the back of my wallet.

Do they intentionally take bad pictures?

I would have thought for $75.00 I could have had a quick peek and requested a redo.


Leenie said...

I think the department of drivers license photoplace has cameras purposefully set for UGLY. How and why I don't know.

And I took the birdie photos over two or three days and posted the fun ones. Most of those guys are just taking a lunch break on their way north.

Kathleen said...

It must be true the world over...they INTEND to take photos designed to make us look our worst. You could always say you lost it? Or would you have to pay another $75? That's steep! Ours are $25, and are good for 4 years.


$75.00 and they are good for 5 years and knowing our system they'd charge me double for losing it and having the nerve to ask for a replacement.

I think you're right about the UGLY setting. Wonder how much extra they had to pay for that feature?