Wednesday, March 3, 2010

New month, new stuff

Spring is getting closer

so I've hung the Easter Bunny on my front door.


The Car: went into the different auto body shop this morning and should be ready Friday with matching paint and a clean drivers seat.

The husband: results from the MRI showed " normal age related atrophy". ( not allowed to use that as an excuse when he conveniently/selectively forgets what I've told him ) Recent blood tests showed his medication levels are right bang on so there is just the EEG later this month and organizing some physiotherapy for his back.

Me: feeling almost back to normal.


Jayne said...

Love the Easter Bunny, he looks like he's serious about his choccie eggs ;)
Great news about Paul, you must be relieved :)

Kathleen said...

So far, so good! Wishing you well for that last step.
Love the spring/Easter bunny decor! I'm thinking it's definitely here....spring, that is. People here are planting lettuces and such. I'm a bit wary tho...we could still have a freeze.

Leenie said...

What a relief to get good news about your hubby's health. When my man was in and out of doctors offices and hospitals during several months, it was awful. So worried and feeling so helpless.

It will certainly be great to get the guy and the car back in good condition!

Love the springy decorations. Good thing you didn't use a noose to hang that bunny.

Kelley said...

Happy to hear things are pretty much back to normal and Paul is doing well, with no bad news from the scans. Happy Spring!

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