Saturday, March 6, 2010

Happy Birthday Son

Stephen is another year older.

Paul and I went to a home show to look at garage doors and I bought a Shamrock,

with interesting purple leaves

and delicate pink flowers.

We picked up the car first thing in the morning and we are happy. They did a great job matching the paint and the car seat looks new. They even managed to repair the worn spot we had pointed out and said was not the fault of the first repair shop. The car was returned to us clean inside and out and waxed.

My frugal husband has decided that yes, we will be buying a new garage door. Both springs have now gone, the second letting go last evening just after Stephen had backed out his car. We went to the showroom today to check the full selection and P. bought replacement springs that hopefully will keep it operating until May when we order the new door. By waiting he can take advantage of the free window offer.


Jayne said...

Happy belated birthday to Stephen !

Oh, I do like that Shamrock, very pretty and the leaves are great :)

Yay on the repair shop getting the car right :)

Leenie said...

Such good news about your car! I'm glad things are getting back to norma for all of you. I have a shamrock I bought at a grocery store years ago. I've divided it and shared it several times when it got pot bound. But it is not the exotic color of yours.

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