Sunday, March 7, 2010

PROBABLY should have done it sooner

I had to buy red peppers imported from Mexico yesterday so I could make up a new batch of RED PEPPER JELLY

This is the third time I've made it and it was certainly the easiest thanks to the small pulse chopper I bought after struggling through the last batch. First time I made it I was so impressed with myself I didn't realize how much easier it could have been.

When something becomes a staple spending just under $10.00 for a kitchen gadget to help is more than just a $ bargain. I wasn't sure if it would work but at the same time I wasn't prepared to buy a super fancy unit just to chop peppers.

Who knows, I might try something else one of these days.

not likely


Jayne said...


Think of it as a belated Xmess pressie for yourself...or an early Easter egg ;)

Leenie said...

Sounds good! Those gadgets make great fresh salsa.

Rootietoot said...

oh red pepper jelly. Yum.

All I have is one of those huge 50 pound food processors. It has a small bowl attachment, but you still have to heave the whole thing out of the cabinet. That small thing looks...practical.

Kathleen said...

I use mine all the time...for salsa, for fresh bread crumbs, for the thai sauce I put on my chicken....any number of things. It has a permanent spot on my counter.

Anonymous said...

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