Thursday, February 25, 2010

Neat stuff

Selection of animal and flags on silk. There are also some of flags and military medals

Imperial Tobacco baseball cards. I counted 52. Stats are on the reverse side.

Cowan's Educational Pictures - Airships.

The one of the crashed air plane reads in part: ..... shows the terrible accidents which may happen in flying. The machine has stalled in the air and nose-dived to the ground. On hitting the ground ...... the whole machine is enveloped in roaring flames. Sometimes it is possible for the pilot to leap from the machine as it touches the ground.

These and more are from a collection belonging to one of my mother's cousins. I spent the afternoon scanning and sorting them, making a list and putting them all in a computer folder I named Collectibles - 1911-12 and burned a CD. ( once done, once saved, never lost )

Just like the medals of William Jennings I can try and find a proper home for them. Things should be seen not hidden in the back of closets.


Jayne said...

They are just lovely, Elizabeth and, yes, these were always meant to be looked at, read and enjoyed - the manufacturers never thought they'd become collectibles!

Leenie said...

Good for you to appreciate the value of such things. So often such treasures are lost when family is overwhelmed with the effects gathered by a long life. Thanks, for giving us a peak.

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