Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Better than Paper Roses

Does anyone but me even remember the song ?
It was runny through my head the whole time I was planting my wooden tulips in the snow.

Yesterday Mother Nature decided we needed a reminder that winter isn't over and kindly dumped 13cm of the white stuff on us. (and she's not done from the sound of the forecasts)
Thankfully Stephen was home and he did the major removal with me following behind tidying up the corners.

Paul's back is still fragile so he got to stand and watch from the living room window and put the kettle on for hot chocolate as we finished.

It is pretty when fresh and white.


Car repairs are still on going. How a lightly damaged bumper can cause such grief is beyond me. The body shop the insurance company recommended has had it twice. First the replaced bumper didn't fit, they totally messed up the headlight sequence and aim and managed to leave me greasy finger prints on the carpeted rear trunk area to clean up. The second time the bumper fit, the lights set marginally better but the paint colour didn't match and they stained the driver seat ... black on the nice cream leather.

We've had it to a different shop and had an adjuster to the house to check on our complaints and it is agreed there are 3 different shades of paint now on the front end.

Return it to the original shop for a third try ?? I think not.


Leenie said...

It's always something! If it's not one thing it's another. If it's not grease on the leather, it's three colors of paint on the fender.

That is quite a snowy wake-up call! Hope you have real tulips soon. Yours only only--imitation. Like you're imitation love...what? Oh.

Jayne said...

Gawd, those mechanics sound like backyard cowboy yobbos.
Hope you have more luck with the next ones!

Kathleen said...

Love the wooden tulips...sorry about the hassle with the car repairs. That's more than aggravating.

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