Saturday, December 12, 2009

Who would have thought

What I saw in the Classified ads on Tuesday: MOUNTAIN GOATS, 2 billies, 1 nanny, approximately 3 years, recently downsized, must sell.

I turned to Paul and said maybe we should make an enquiry. We have dogs and cats in the neighbourhood but no goats. We could let them munch on the grass, send them down the street to nibble the bags of leaves and garden cuttings collected and saved by leafman.
We have some nice sized rocks at the corner of the front yard and next door in the backyard there is a pile of rocks that were suppose to be a waterfall and water feature installed by the previous owner, so they would get to climb and pose majestically.

Instead I got ram.

No not one of these.

Computer ram for Christmas from Stephen. Never one to wrap and sit on a gift until the 25th he flipped my laptop over and installed it as soon as it arrived.

Goat ownership must have be truly decided back in 2007 when we helped with a scene in a filmed segment of The Devlin Show . Our one and only line...."no goat".


Leenie said...

Well, that kind of ram will take less maintenance and have more memory. But I doubt it would be useful in maintaining the grass. I would like that kind of ram myself. If it came to real goats I think I would go for the nanny. (last photo was a fun one!)

Kathleen said...

My hubby would like to have goats...but I'd tried that once before and they'd get loose from their stakes, and eat every flower in the yard. Still, we have almost 3 acres and lots of weeds and brush. It's really a good idea. Okay, don't know The Devlin Show...but those costumes have me intrigued!


The Devlin Show was a local live improve group and they did some video segments to round out the material. Our son got us involved the one day when some regulars backed out.

Silver said...

:) computer ram! i was looking at the pictures several times.. and then i finally got 'it'.. low on caffein me thinks..

and nice costume. This is for a play?