Friday, December 11, 2009

Oh well

I made my shopping list for the vegetable-fusilli (in previous post) and started to think it just might be a larger meal than I'd thought so I read to the bottom of the recipe and sure enough .. serves 6-8.
Rather a lot for 2 people and I don't think I'd like it reheated as leftovers.
Guess I'll have to figure out how to make a smaller quantity or heaven forbid, have company for dinner.

Paul has gone off to the Toronto Motorcycle Show by bus. I dropped him at the station and will pick him up when he arrives back. Now that he can get a senior ticket the return fare is cheaper than parking.

I've given the Christmas cake it's second dose of brandy, cut and re-wrapped it into gift giving sizes after a taste test.

Now I just need the mailman to bring the 2 online gifts I ordered and I'd be done with the presents.


Rootietoot said...

Satisfying, isn't it, that 'done with presents' feeling. I have a buncha stuff yet to be delivered, but tracking says it'll be here in plenty of time. Time to kick back, enjoy the fumes from the cake, and relax :)

Jayne said...

Lordy, I'm still getting bits n pieces then there's the dreaded wrapping...not to mention the stuff I gotta post...!
I think you have the best handle on this mad season :)

Leenie said...

Wait, who got a second dose of brandy? Just kidding. Your cooking sounds GOOD. Some day I want to try a real homemade Christmas cake. Not one of those doorstops that is made by the zillions and stuck in a tin.

Kathleen said...

How was the taste test? Was it delicious?? I'm sure it was!
I think we're done with the shopping, and while hubby is out hunting today, I will probably put Christmas tunes on the CD and wrap. We've had over a week of clear sunny days with temps starting the day at 10F...might actually warm up and SNOW this weekend!