Monday, December 14, 2009


I decorated yesterday. It made me cranky, testy and a brought about a fair bit of heavy sighing on my part.

It's not that I dislike decorating it's just that when I have to do it all myself I get peeved. Statements like...."totally up to you dear, do whatever you want dear, makes no difference to me dear" me nuts. Of course it's up to me, but I would like some HELP. " You do it so well" is little comfort when I'm cursing the string of lights.

I could leave all the stuff in the boxes. I could sit back and read all afternoon and not worry that the festive season is upon us.

Then come 3 days before the 25th I'd be frantic because the house was bare. Because I could have put the things up like I do every year, alone. Because I like seeing my favourite ornaments in my living room. Because it matters to me to get it done and BECAUSE it seems to have become a tradition for me to put them up, bitching and complaining all the while and then sit back to enjoy what I've done and, of course, remarking on what a fine job I've done, alone.

To be honest if they took over the job I'd be sitting directing, commenting, reaching in to fiddle and generally trying to take charge. I have control issues. Sometimes.


The quilt patching is done. I have sewn the prepared pieces on and although it does not look as good as the professional repair I'm rather please that it doesn't look terrible. quilt post


I made Rice Krispies squares today. They are one thing I make well. I don't get cranky when I make Rice Krispies squares. I did notice on the box that they have changed the recipe slight but I have held with tradition and made them the right way, the original way adding in the vanilla and using slight fewer krispies.


Jayne said...

Yep, I do the Chrissy decs, too, The Spouse does the whole "I don't mind if there's no tinsel up" comments, lol.

Had to check if your Rice Krispies were what I thought they were - we call them Rice Bubbles here and make Chocolate Crackles with them. Usually for kids' parties but there's an unspoken law everyone is allowed to revisit their childhood as often as someone makes chocolate crackles for any kind of party ;)

jeanie said...

he he - Christmas decorations are all the domain of V and 'Salina here - but then, I have the opposite of control issues...

Leenie said...

Decorating alone is NO FUN. It's only happened to me a few times and it sure is more work, especially getting the lights strung. I'm glad you got it DONE so you can sit back and enjoy.

This year I had the opposite. We had two adult sons and family plus DH. When the word was given it was like the circus coming to town. I had to retreat to the kitchen and watch. :)

Rootietoot said...

Over the past 4 years I've done less and less decorating. Now it's just a tree and the 127 Santa Mugs...ok not 127 but almost. Everyone seems to be content with that.