Sunday, December 6, 2009

Sewing on Sunday

Many many years ago my parents gave us a handmade queen size quilt and we've used it every winter since.

Several years ago it began to show it's age around the edges and on some of the petal pieces and I was lucky enough to find a shop where it could be repaired. A new border was sewn over the old maintaining the original work underneath and a pattern made for the colourful inner pieces

I noticed this fall that more of the pieces were starting to split so I got out the pattern and the extra material I was given and I'm doing my own repair.

Yesterday I cut out the needed pieces and ironed them using a cutout of the finished size. So far today I've turned and sewn a thin hem on the raw edges.

The trick will be finding the patience to maintain a small even stitch all round when I cover the worn bits.

Once done I will retire the quilt til spring. We went high tech this year and bought an electric blanket to see us through the coldest months.

Have I done it correctly Kathleen?


Jayne said...

That is so pretty and wonderful you were able to find somewhere to repair it!

Leenie said...

Your quilt is quite a prize. Something that was so common as to be unappreciated has become an art form. I am glad to see you are giving it an upgrade.

Kathleen said...

Sounds like you are doing a wonderful job!! I am certainly impressed. I've got a quilt from my grandmother that needs the same kind of repairs to it, and so far I've put off doing it. Perhaps you have inspired me to accept the challenge!

traceelements said...

Go you! I'm impressed!