Thursday, October 1, 2009

Season change

Buds on my Monkshood. It's the last flower to bloom in my garden and I always hope that frost won't arrive before it has had a chance to shine.

Even dead can be pretty.

Seed pods on my Blackberry lily. I always watch for them come fall.

You know autumn is here: when the air conditioner gets turned off, cleaned and covered, when the furnace is turned on and the thermostat timer is set to warm the house on chilly mornings, when I pull the flannel sheets from the cupboard and get them freshened for putting on the beds, when I cut down the tomato plants and start removing all the dead flowers from the garden.

It was a wet and cool summer giving me a poor tomato crop and blighting my attempt to grow peppers but the flower gardens flourished, my herbs thrived, the grass was green and I didn't have to water often.


Leenie said...

Hey. Don't overdo it. Make sure Your Man does the big stuff. We are going through the same routine here. Same. There as a killing frost last night, but we had what was left of the tomatoes gathered. All the work I went to with the wall-o-waters and the staking of plants paid off in ripe ones by August, although fewer.

Rootietoot said...

monkshood- so pretty. We know it's Fall here when the goldenrod is blooming- great swaths of fluffy gold along the roads. I love it!


I am leaving all the pulling and digging to him this year.
Seeing how well he has taken to kitchen instruction I expect the gardening with be easy.

Rt...I'll try and get a photo of it open, if the rain stops.

Jayne said...

Hope we get your cool and wet Summer here in Victoria; after last Summer's nasty heatwave and deadly bushfires we could do with a breather.
Love the monkshood, very pretty :)

Kathleen said...

Your photographs are beautiful. After reading, I'm looking for "bokeh" in all the photos I see....yours has some nice bokeh going on! And in case you have no idea what that word means, as I didn't, it's a word used to describe the "accidental" beautiful backgrounds that "happen" on digital photographs. I guess PW asks readers to send them to her and she posts them. Yours would be good candidates for her Fall Bokeh series!

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