Monday, October 5, 2009


Golden carpet of leaves on my neighbour's front lawn.

Monkshood in bloom.

Paul pulled up and stored away the tomato cages, pulled out the roots and did a nice tidy up in both garden patches while I wandered around with my camera.
With patches of sun appearing between rain showers the last few days, and with the forecast calling for more, we do what we can during the dry periods.

I was talking to my sister Catherine just now and was told that her one daughter was coming home at the end of the week before heading off to Egypt with her boyfriend and father. I sent a text requesting MORE JELLIES.

All but 2 pieces of tape are off, the stitches are dissolving and the scars look minimal ... all is well.


Leenie said...

Harvest and healing season. Beautiful monkshood. It is nice not every flower blooms at once.

Rootietoot said...

Monkshood is gorgeous! I'm glad you're healing well :)

Kathleen said...

What a gorgeous flower!
We are having glorious fall weather...sunshine every day, cool, crisp...Will it last? No! But I think we're supposed to have a good week of this yet. Ahhh....
I was going to ask you for your address, as I'm sure we have those jellies around here...I'd mail you some!

traceelements said...

I can see where S. gets his photographic eye from. Yet more gorgeous photos.

Good that all is going well in the healing department.

How many years have I known you now? Yet I'm still taken with the notion of packing up the garden for winter.


Kathleen...what a nice thought. Thank you.

Since your baby was in diapers T.
I should try for some "garden gone" photos as more things get cut back or die back.

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