Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Doctor visit

Well that went extremely well.

The tape can be removed as it peels away in the shower. I've already been cutting away any free ends.
The stitches will dissolve.
I am healing quickly.
I have my next appointment in 6 weeks when I will get instructions on self examination taking into account scaring. He did say I have a skin type that does not tend to scar badly.
I should at that point go for a proper fitting for new bras and I am to remember ... "gravity still happens".

The idea of olive oil from Shellie ( in comments on previous post ) is a good one for tape removal and soothing. When I was pregnant my doctor suggested I start using it on my nipples to prevent cracking once I started breast feeding. Safe for me and safe for baby. It worked.

It's at times like this that I realize who smart I am keeping Paul around. He's a great helper, puts up with having to do things my way and hasn't complained that I toss and turn at night finding just the right spot for comfortable sleeping.

I'm having second thoughts about Stephen though. He ate the last three tropical fruit jellies that I had my sister bring from Victoria BC. I can't find them here and they were my recovery treat! ( it's alright son I forgive you )


Jayne said...

Olive oil, great idea :)
Pity about the tropical fruit jellies but good to hear you're trundling along the recovery path as you should :)

Kathleen said...

Great that you are progressing as you should! You'll be back to all your normal activities soon.
Tell me about the tropical fruit jellies...


I found them at the bulk food section in a grocery store last year when we visited. They are sugar coated, soft, tropical fruit flavours and truly yummy.
I've look in every grocery store here, checked every bulk food store and nothing!
They have become my gift of choice whenever the girls come home or my sister visits there.

traceelements said...

Good to hear you're healing well!!