Saturday, August 1, 2009


Thinking it is better to use than to save we have opened our thank you gift wine.

Fully aware that there are only the two of us and that a bottle lasts us two meals we decided we could drink wine at breakfast and lunch if necessary.

First time we've had a cask of wine sitting in the fridge next to the orange juice.

We had it last night with catfish, fresh green beans cooked with butter and summer savory and fresh corn on the cob.

Tonight I will be serving it with left over macaroni and cheese.


Jayne said...

Ahhh, the infamous Aussie Chateau Cardboard, hides many a decent drop and the foil bladder can be used to scare birds away from fruit trees (blow up and tie like a balloon).

Kathleen said...

How was the wine? We went to our local winery was pick-up weekend for wine club members. I came home with 7 diff bottles...two of their new Pineapple Express...delicious on this hot summer days!


Here it's return for deposit Jayne. Worth a whole .20 cents .

Nice flavour, Kathleen. Crisp and dry the way I like wine.
Is the pineapple express a fruit wine?

At one time only students on a very limited budget bought Chateau Cardboard (love that ) because it was cheap plonk.

Being interested I checked it at the wine store yesterday. $38.00!!! My hostas were obviously worthy.

This one is from a good winery just down the road.

Kathleen said...

The tasting notes say the Pineapple wine is a blend of Riesling and Gewurztraminer "with a pineapple breeze". It's quite delicious, but on the sweet side.
I keep hearing that there is some really good "wine in a box" out there now...might have to check that out. We used to have a box of chablis in the frig all the time years ago....not sure why we stopped? Hmmm...

Rootietoot said...

Wine with mac and cheese. Grate a little gruyere on top and it would be fit for FoodNetwork. I don't know why i don't buy boxed wine, I drink it constantly and have the tastebuds of Archie Bunker.

Anonymous said...

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