Friday, July 31, 2009

Nature isn't always kind

I spied with my little eye a bird that had fallen from a nest in my tree.
I looked up into the tree and couldn't spot the nest, so there was no returning it home.

Later in the day I was surprised to find that it was still alive.
When I approached with the camera something triggered its FEED ME instinct.
We watched from the window but no adult bird approached.
Next morning we found it dead and buried it.

I would judge from the size, colour of the emerging feathers, and bird activity around the tree that it was a robin.


Leenie said...

Oh my. You are right about nature not always being kind. That little guy seems youngish for this time of year. Wonder what happened?


I think there has been a second nesting for birds and squirrels this year.

Jayne said...

We had a second nesting last Spring here in Melb and there were a few Blackbird babies out of their nests a bit earlier than they should have been.

Kathleen said...