Monday, August 3, 2009


My tomatoes are finally turning red.

I have pretty flowers
and if you look closely, a bug.

It was hooping in the park day and the weather couldn't have been nicer. There was music, there was watermelon there were people moving and laughing.
I had a great time playing in the sun.

How many hoops can you fit in one small car? This many.

--as always you can make the photos larger by clicking on them--


Jayne said...

Yum, home-grown toms have soooo much flavour :)
What a vibrant colour on that flower!
Don't know if the hoola-hoop craze has hit here (again) yet but I shall be forewarned if I spy multi-coloured hoops lurking in the nearby parks ;)

Leenie said...

My tomatoes are turning red too! All that labor this spring is paying off. Yours look great! Yum! So, do you teach hoops? Still remember the fun video you made. What talent! Like the flower with bug.

Rootietoot said...

My tomatoes are fading out now, August is too hot for them here. Hooping in the park sounds FUN!


Hooping is considered adult exercise these days. Google it for lots of info.
I took 2 evening classes and the one instructor decided we needed to get out into the fresh air and have no ceiling so we could twirl about our heads. Hopefully we will do it again.

Tomatoes and raspberries my only garden crops and I love them!

Anonymous said...

Well, you're very clever to be able to grow tomatoes. Love the photos as always! And the hooping sounds and looks like a total hoot!

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