Thursday, August 6, 2009


If you are going to knock over the bucket like I did while painting ....

-it is probably best to do it to the water bucket not the paint
-it is not likely going to cause more than a minor heart ping if you have an old plastic tablecloth down covering your dining room rug

The back door painting project is almost done. The prime and the first coat of colour are on and if the weather holds I'll be putting on the final coat tomorrow.

That just leaves the window wall in the kitchen on my summer painting project list.


Leenie said...

Looks like that COULD have been a BIG cleanup. People without seasons don't know the bliss of putting off big yucchy projects because it is too cold or...whatever. Of course we pay for it by having to get everything rotten done when we really want to be enjoying the few days of good weather.

Jayne said...

Ahhh the Spring itch has begun here, too, with painting jobs starting to get jotted down...much to my hubby's horror lol ;)
Glad it was only the water bucket, Elizabeth, that could have been ugly!

Rootietoot said...

It feels good to knock out those projects, doesn't it.