Sunday, August 9, 2009


The door project is done. I just have to remind Paul to paint the inside doorplate and knob now to match the outside. I found a rather nice metallic paint and he is the master of the spray can.

Yesterday and today I dried herbs. Everything was growing faster than I could use fresh so rather than waste I tried the microwave method from this English magazine article.

I thought I'd be filling jar after jar but once dried the herbs seem rather sparse after all the work. Oh well, the house smelled interesting. Tarragon, basil and summer savory done, thyme still to do.

My one small dill plant got a trim for use on the salmon I cooked tonight. Not enough of a difference from the dried so I won't worry if the plant dies over winter.

the page will open full size when clicked so you can read the different options ... I found my herbs took longer to dry so I added time as needed


Jayne said...

Yep, I've found the herbs seem to shrink, I always plant a thousand of each type to try to get more than a handful of anything lol.


Fresh is best but the only thing I can nurture through the winter is a small pot of thyme on my kitchen window sill.

jeanie said...

I have a wild basil hedge that I preserve either through pesto or just freezing it. I did dry some once upon a time, but found it just was too much hassle. Congrats on doing so yourself.

Janis said...

I have a dehydrator - wanna borrow it? I've had it for yrs and it works great. We've dried flowers,herbs, fruit and made our own beef jerky.