Friday, June 12, 2009

part 1 -- 2nd Annual Wingfest, Hamilton Waterfront

Wings and music all weekend long ( the weather is perfect)

you can take the guided trolley tour or just walk around if you need to work up an appetite

look one way and you can see a closed steel company
(first time I've seen nothing coming out of the stacks)

look the other and see the pleasure boat marina and the greenery along the shoreline

(all photos will enlarge when clicked on)


jeanie said...

Pardon me, but why is it a "Wingfest"? I see nothing winged there?

Happy belated birthday, and beautiful shots!

We have an Airshow over here every year - I don't ever go, as I hate the noise and smell - which I get even though I don't go!!!

Anonymous said...

LOL, Jeanie. We were all looking for airshow references!! (see Part 2 post comments!)