Friday, June 12, 2009

part 2

there is a harbour cruise/dinner and dance boat

there are working tug boats

there is a WWII warship you can tour

there is colour even in an asphalt parking lot

and best of all they set up lots of toilets.

Hamilton Waterfront Wingfest.. click here for more details


Kathleen said...

So... why is it a "wing" fest? Looks like a lovely time! I just love all the summer events.

Anonymous said...

My question too!!!
Love the photos though!!


CHICKEN wings. Lots and lots of different flavoured chicken wings.

..just so normal when we say wings I never thought it would be obscure to others...sorry

Anonymous said...

I was looking for planes!! LOL

Kathleen said...

I was looking for planes too! Thought there had to be an air show in there somewhere. Chicken wings!!! Who'd a thought.... Is there, like, a chicken plant in the area or something?